Gas Plumbing, Baulkham Hills

We are your one stop shop for all of the plumbing needs that you may have. From gas fitting and repair, to unclogging pipes – we’ve got it covered!
Baulkham Hills Plumbing specializes in providing customers with top-notch service while staying within their budget constraints as well.


You can always count on us for the best service in Sydney. We’re here to take care of all your needs and make sure you have an amazing experience!

It is important to call a qualified fitter as soon as possible after noticing gas leaking from your property. The repair work could be complicated and require special tools, so it’s best if you get in touch with us right away!

We have been providing a reliable gas fitting service across Sydney for over 15 years, and we never compromise on safety. Our team of highly trained plumbers is committed to meeting the highest standards, so you can rest assured that your home or business will be safe with us.

Do You Need Any Of These Urgent Gas Plumbing Services?

  • Repairing Gas Leaks
  • Gas Emergencies
  • Adjusting Gas Pressure

We offer various Gas Plumbing Services Around Sydney.

In Case You Smell A Gas Leak Or Think You Have A Gas Plumbing Emergency

  • Don’t locate it yourself.
  • Keep the doors and windows open.
  • Shut off the gas at your house, usually near a meter. Then move the handle to 90 degrees so it locks into place and cannot be turned back on again.
  • Unplug all appliances
  • Leave the area immediately.
  • Contact your local gas plumbers for Gas Leak Detection Service.
  • Do not smoke or light a candle.

How To Locate And Isolate Your Gas Meter

The gas meter is usually near the house and easily accessible by the gas meter reader. It’s typically located close to your electricity meter.

Here Is How We Can Help You As A Gas Fitter To Natural Gas

Our most important job as gas fitters is to ensure that your home can access and use natural gas and that your appliances are functioning well to prevent gas-related accidents. We advise you to have your gas connections checked by a fitter at least once yearly.

How We Determine What Gas Service Is Right For You

  • The size of your home you want to heat
  • The layout of your home
  • The levels you have in your home
  • The access to your home, natural gas or LPG

Why Choose Baulkham Hills Plumbing For Gas Repair And Gas Plumbing

Baulkham Hills Plumbing is your first choice for reliable gas and plumbing services, gas fitting, and installations throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our quality plumbing service. Our plumbers are licensed, insured, highly trained professionals who know how to handle any job.

The best way to ensure that you and your family are safe from the dangers of gas leaks is by calling our 24-hour emergency service. We offer a rapid 30-minute response time with fully licensed gas plumbers near me who will attend to all urgent repairs or installations as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to call us.

Sydney Gas Leak Testing

Gas leaks are never fun to deal with, but they can have a serious impact on your home. If you notice any excessive gas bills or an underlying smell coming from anywhere in the house then it is best that professional assistance be called for immediately so as not risk further damage.